Creating classic SmartMusic® files

View the Create a classic SmartMusic file QuickStart Video for an overview.

Classic SmartMusic is an interactive, computer-based practice tool for musicians. Challenging exercises, instant feedback tools, and more than 30,000 accompaniments make classic SmartMusic an essential part of your practice sessions.

A classic SmartMusic subscription provides free access to the world's largest accompaniment library. Hundreds of ensemble titles are available, each with preset assignments for every part. You can also create custom assignments from skill-building exercises, method books, jazz improvisation studies, musicals, or from a vast library of solo accompaniments.

You can create your own classic SmartMusic assessment files in Finale, as well as solos with accompaniment, exercises, and warm-ups. You can save any Finale Notation file or MIDI file as a SmartMusic Accompaniment file (SMPX) and even include the solo notation file to be displayed in the classic SmartMusic interface during the performance. Click Next below for step-by-step instructions.

ヒント: Classic SmartMusic will be retiring on August 31, 2020. For more information about classic SmartMusic, visit

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